154 More than a feeling

Bows. Bras. Extremely slow fashion. With added glamour.

I watched these classes on Craftsy: Pattern Making Basics: The Skirt Sloper and Fitting Solo, from Measurements to Muslin. (FYI, Craftsy are still having a sale on membership. Now is a good time to sign up. No affiliation. I’m just saying: Bargain.)

Drafting a pant block is exhausting.

I discovered Liberty Tanna Lawn for really cheap (probably a knock off, but still) on AliExpress. Bra fabric is practically free. I am not making this up. This is a slippery slope.

Stylebook App. Still great.

These trousers from TOAST can be handmade, by me, I am convinced.

Read Glamour, by Carol Dyhouse

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  1. 6.14.21
    Chelle said:

    I know it defeats the purpose of slow fashion and drafting your own trouser block, but if you need something in the meantime you can take the pair that currently fits you well and make a rubbing. Still do make a muslin to check fit, but that is an option.

    • 6.14.21
      Brenda said:

      Fortunately, Chelle, I can live with just one pair of summer pants because live in Wales, where it is never summer for more than two days in a row!

  2. 6.14.21
    Hilary Green said:

    Hi Brenda!
    I want to add to your essay about slow fashion: I have never been able to buy pants that fit me as perfectly as your handmade pants will fit you. I am always wearing pants that fit … well-enough. So really, if I start making pants for myself (which I probably will) I won’t be too particular about the fit. They will only have to fit well-enough and satisfy my need for pockets and sturdiness.
    Maybe eventually I will venture towards that perfect fit.

    • 6.14.21
      Brenda said:

      Hilary, you are so right. I am down for the not-great fitting pants, as long as it’s a just a quick stop on the way to perfectly fitting pants.

  3. 6.18.21
    Janet said:

    I’m very interested in your bra fabric search. I quit wearing a bra 6 years ago due to my latex allergy. I’d order expensive bras that were supposed to be latex free and there would be a large hunk of Elastic where the hooks are. At 70 no one cares if I’m wearing one, I’ve found clothing that doesn’t advertise the fact, but sometimes you want to feel sexy. Looking forward to your future disclosures

    • 6.21.21
      Brenda said:

      Janet, that really sucks that you can’t find a latex-free bra. I’m absolutely positive that you can make bras that are free from fabric that hurts you! Might just take a little trial and error to find materials that work for you.

      Most fabrics from bra making are made from nylon or polyester. I’m not certain this is true for all elastics, but you could always contact the seller, explain your issue, and ask for 6 inch samples to be sent. Then patch test elastic by stitching the ends together to make a bracelet, and wear it on your wrist for however long it usually takes for latex to cause a reaction.

      I’ll keep an eye out for you, and ask around in the bra making community to see if any makers have solved this problem already. You never know…