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180 Things from your life

Socks of the month; over-sized shirts; stepping off the merry-go-round; and stuff.  Lunearia, off the needles. I could not be happier with them. Next up, Ipomoea. Time-table hampered slightly by…

178 Taxonomies

A sock heel that works with gradient dyed yarn; making a home; memories of dump runs past; buttons; the Celestial Emporium of Benevolent Knowledge. Syncopation socks are off the needles.…

177 The Sea, The Sea

In this episode, knitting dessert first; the pivot; emergency socks; and the return of la mer. The Russian join is very useful for use with chain plied yarns. Learn how…

175 Two sweaters

The first and best news, Tonia is home. Teaching herself to mend in order to stave off boredom, and providing a lap for grateful pets who are as relieved that…

174 The long game

Fiddly false starts. Ambushed by linen. The sound of knitting freedom. The answer is in the question. I’m sure there is a very good multi-syllabic German word for the feeling…

173 Not yet

Simple tools. Sweaters for the Littles. Jeny Staiman’s amazing heel construction. And my spring sweater shortlist.  Lilly’s Dahlia is officially FO! I bought my new toy/tool, the Simflex button gauge,…

172 Flotation device

The eye of the storm has moved. Possibly. And there are many things about which to celebrate. But not knitting. Worst knitting month ever, at the end of which I…

171 The eye of the storm

The return of a Skyscrapa. Flowers in pots. Books in stacks. Enormous sleeves. Hand sewing. Time, and what to do while it’s passing. Our house is officially for sale, and…


I’m a serial maker of podcasts, and many things that are not podcasts. I love playing with yarn, fibre and cloth. I will never accept that furniture in my living room only goes two ways. Almost every night, I dream about houses.


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