195 You can’t save everything

IN THIS EPISODE: Stash enhancement; hat boxes of joy; the rug of sorrow; knitting memory lane, letting it go.

Repeat after me: It is okay to rest.

Thank you, past Brenda, for setting up Esther (by Camilla Vad) and Boreal (by Kate Davies).

Leftovers from Esther will become Winter’s Fern hats.

My Elm socks, below, by Cookie A, in Admiral Hanf. I am loving the stitch pattern.

Caveat emptor, these knit up tight. If I were going to knit them again I’d add two repeats of six, and cast on 72. This would also allow the stitch pattern to continue around the leg, instead of stopping at the side. I added the 3×3 rib at the heel. I have no idea what the pattern calls for as I’m working these toe up, using just the chart.

The Red Edge is for Season 3 of Lupin, which I am hoping to watch next week, by the fire, with a cat on my lap.

Busting out hats using the Two by Two pattern. No pics, sadly. They really needed to be mailed. I spoke too soon! These were on my phone. From left, hat for David; hat for Chris; trying on hat to see if it’s *me*. (The verdict is no.)

Meet my new stash! So. Much. Silk. Seriously, it’s too much to even begin to photograph. I got lucky.

Below: You want to play with carrier rods too. Admit it.

Meet Mega Desk!

I love her. It’s a little bit Santa’s Workshop in here right now, but I will admit that this is about as clean as she gets.

Meet onion, a truly sustainable sock yarn in oodles of colours (right). Jasper loves it too (left.)

If you like looking at very pretty old dresses, the John Singer Sargent Exhibition at the Tate Britain is for you. Read more about Madame X and listen to experts discuss the painting here.

Genius Loci is my new favourite newsletter. Get it here.

The first frost in the village was a bit magical.

Music: Perfect Holiday, by Cassette Deck

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  1. 12.16.23

    Is it just me, or is the link to the audio podcast somehow missing from the post?

    • 12.16.23
      Brenda said:

      Nope, it’s not just you!

      Fixed now.

    • 12.17.23
      Caroline said:

      OMG I have the same binders with printed patterns in plastic sleeves. Did one purge already but definitely need another one! My parents kept everything so I work hard to keep as little as possible of this sort of thing.

      • 12.17.23
        Caroline said:

        Sorry didn’t mean to post that as a reply to someone else …

  2. 12.21.23
    Sarah said:

    It’s so good to hear from you! I am sorry you guys weren’t feeling well, but it sounds like you are recovering nicely. Love hearing about life in a wool and silk! filled
    home in Wales. Please feel free to make an episode even if that is all you have made in a while!

    I have many big binders full of patterns! In fact I created
    Just a few
    Years ago when I went through ancient magazines, only kept what I liked, dumped the rest. I haven’t looked in the binders since, so I guess it is time for a second purging. Funny how before Ravelry and the internet, flipping through binders of patterns at the LYS is how I started all my projects. Times do change!

    Also love your two by twos. I have made that pattern as well, it makes such a nice gift. And it looks cute on you!

  3. 1.4.24
    Anne C. said:

    Re moths: I hope they’re all gone now. Just some tips based on my experience (and I’m sure you know this stuff, but just in case…): there are pantry moth traps and clothes moth traps–different pheromones. After I had a clothes moth problem in one house, I bought traps for our second home and caught nothing. Turns out *that* was a pantry moth problem. Also, be sure to change the vacuum bag, or empty its bin, regularly. I wound up with moths in my vacuum because the eggs hatched in there! And as you said, vigilance is key.

  4. 1.5.24
    Glenda said:

    I am looking forward to your thoughts on the Onion nettle sock yarn. I used to have a yarn shop and we sold this for while, as well as a DK weight version. I was never bold enough to use it for socks, but both thicknesses make beautiful sweaters!