198 Picking up the threads

In this episode: House projects have broken me; the summer of socks continues; the red that bled; Tour de Fleece; and a return to Clifford Byway. 

The long shelf. I did it. Next time, I’m getting a little man in.

Zabava Socks – These fit very well, and work up quickly. The pattern is easy to follow and the results are moreish.

Ride ’em, cowboy. This nightshirt is going to be AWESOME.

Why yes, I am making cushions as if I need them for the end times, thank you for asking. Clockwise from upper left, the huge tropical fish canvas and the cotton velvet I bought to make the cushion back; yet another undersea themed canvas, bought with my grandson in mind; a couple of random canvases scored in an eBay job lot; lower row… eh, probably not worth finishing, much less using. The… whatever the hell it is on the lower right has been claimed; the roses are destined for a charity shop.

Needlepoint R Us, apparently.

The Tour de Fleece Facebook Group is here.

The Holy Texts of Tour de Fleece: Fleece and Fibre Sourcebook, by Deb Robson, and The Spinner’s Book of Yarn Designs, by Sarah Anderson

Vacillate is officially in the queue!

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