197 Gradual stiffening

The weather. Men in shorts. The run down. Ta Da moments. And the moments before a plan comes together.

The Red Edge is complete!

The chart for Red Edge was designed by Anna-Lisa Mannheimer Lunndown, and is from the book Poems of Colour, by Wendy Keele. I used the top down set-in sleeve method pioneered by Elizabeth Doherty. I talked about this method at length in 153 I, Curator.

My Summer(s) of Socks

2022: Ipomoea, Lunaria and the gradient-dyed pair of Syncopation socks that set Jeny Staiman on a path towards Polar Arc.

2023: Weekend Shorties, and Pan.

2024 Plans: Weekend Shorties redux, Footprint, Zabava, plus August Argyle’s, once I have learned intarsia in the round. I have tons of sock leftovers (courtesy of my KBFF) and I’m having a blast playing with all the colours.

Read more about Gradual Stiffening, pattern 207 in A Pattern Language, by Chris Alexander, here.

Music in this podcast: Merrigan’s Reel, by Jim Fidler; and I’m Back! by Royal Deluxe.

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  1. 5.26.24
    Caroline said:

    Intarsia in the round: so there is this thing called ‘festive intarsia’ which was the name given by the late lamented Tsocktsarina to her technique for putting intarsia motifs on socks. I have been googling and can’t find info online but I have a pattern somewhere called York and Lancaster that explains it and I’ll try to find it. I believe that, contrary to the huge fuss her friends made about honoring her wishes and not selling her patterns anymore after her death, they are now selling her patterns, in kits I think. If you could lay hands on the pattern for York and Lancaster, it explains the technique. I knitted it years ago but do not remember how it worked.

    • 6.3.24
      Brenda said:

      Caroline, THANK YOU! Intarsia in the round is a real rabbit hole. There seem to be a few methods around. I do vaguely remember the Tsarina from the early days of the knitting internet. I couldn’t find any of her patterns for sale though. Thanks for the tip, and if you find the Lancaster and York pattern, I’d love a copy of the technique.