196 A wide variety of displacement activities

In this episode: The party dress; picking up threads; a project round up; and the big idea.

The High School Art Teacher Dress by Vogue (V1410)

And my own version, the Italy-wool party dress, made for Felix and Mark’s wedding.

(It’s difficult to photograph garments with all the visual noise in my studio. I’m working on a solution.)

I am back on the quest for perfectly fitting Peaky Blinders trousers.

I can highly recommend the following books by David Page Coffin:

Project Round Up

Elm socks are resting, all forlorn, because they are too tight. You can see what I mean about those extra two stitches at each side interupting the pattern. They need to be worked on 72 stitches. Vexing, but true.

Esther is coming along. The fit is good and I think I like it.

(Thanks, Alicia!)

Gilet Parodia – luscious lofty sweater…

…itty bitty project bag.

This is all that remains of the many, many Mirabelle Slippers I knit in January; and what they’re suppose to look like.

It was my issue. Nothing to do with the pattern. I still think they’re adorable.

You thought I was kidding about this, didn’t you?

Music in this episode:

  • Jim Fidler, Merrigan’s Reel
  • Bobby Saint, Feelin’ Good

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  1. 3.12.24
    Clare said:

    With regard to your shipping forecast project I live in Falmouth in the Plymouth shipping area. I am a knitter and part of a knitting group. You would be welcome to stay with me as part of your exploration.

  2. 5.1.24
    Kathy Hurley said:

    I hope everything is okay with you! I really love your podcasts and miss you greatly!! When can we expect the next one? No pressure, just want to be on the lookout. 😊❤️

    • 5.2.24
      Brenda said:

      Hey Kathy, that’s very lovely to hear. Thank you! You’ll be happy to hear that I’m working on the next podcast, which will be out no later than mid May. Talk to you soon!