194 What I did last summer

In this episode: Undone by Cosmo/Cosmo undone; colour blocking that didn’t; a summer romance; a bounty of beautiful sock yarn; packing projects for a journey with no end date; and …

… the view from the Stone Cottage!

The former owners of the house left us a full basket of wood and kindling, and something else to take the chill off.

The sweater that was Cosmo is no longer pining for the fjords.

The colour blocking did not work for me. Might have been the yarn. Might have been the colour. Fortunately, I love the shorter length and find it very wearable.

Left, the yarn that didn’t work, that I now have to find something to do with. Right, after blocking, on the hottest day of last summer. I’m still swooning over the spiral lace pattern. Full marks for Schneke.

If you need a yarn just like the discontinued yarn you’re running out of, Yarnsub is your friend.

My affaire de couer with shortie socks includes: Pan (which looks better on the foot than off);

Loved knitting the Weekend Shorty Socks. I had a blast choosing the colours of these and took many, many, many pics. I luff them. LUFF, with 2 Fs.

Next in the queue, Zabava, on sale through 31 October. Might make use of the “chickens” colourway (below), or save it for a rocking cowl. Yarn courtesy of my friend, Jeny Staiman.

I plan to try out some new heel constructions this winter, starting with Biarritz. It’s also on sale through 31 October.

Debating whether to start 24 Days now, (I could plotz at the palette) or kick it into December.

It’s finally sweater season!

Up first, the sweater of my long time dreams, Esther, soon to be followed by Boreal. If I can complete these two AND finish the Red Edge, it’ll be a very good winter.

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  1. 10.22.23
    Dana said:

    Happy to “hear” you moved and are back. Missed you.

  2. 10.25.23
    Nathalie said:

    So happy to see you back! I missed the podcast and will try to remember the term ‘surface stash’, which will at some point come in handy as a reply to someone’s question. Good that you are feeling safe again.

  3. 10.31.23
    CAnne said:

    Thank you for sharing the sock patterns I’ve had Zabava on my to do list for a while. I listened yesterday while getting a windshield repair and just started the Uncanny podcast you suggested. Also I found this sock pattern with many colors and I thought you might like it for a taller/cooler weather sock. https://ravel.me/happy-squares