193 The waiting phase

In this episode: I have more projects on the needles at one time than EVER BEFORE. And I talk about all of them. If there is a podcast with more knitting in it, I’m not sure what it is.

Also, we’re buying a cottage. And trying very hard to remain detached until the contracts have been signed.

Schneke Shawl is a little bit addictive. Now that I’ve reached the back and forth section of the first rectangular end, less so. Left: the bound off edges of the spiral are at the upper left corner; right: the rectangular section is on the left, with the amount of yarn remaining at the bottom. There are about 60 grams left. I think I might make it to the end, but we’ll see.

In art-speak I would describe the 24 Days Socks as “unresolved”. Which is to say that I’m not feeling the love for them. I feel certain the problem is fixable, but a tactical retreat and regroup is necessary. Time to call time out.

The Argyle Sock (below) is basically just yarn at this point. Ditto, Conflagration (not pictured). It occurs to me that perhaps a swatch of simpler intarsia shapes, like a square on one side, and a triangle on the other, might be a good practice piece.

Against All Odds is done! Left, you can see how fitted the shirt was just before blocking; right, those stripes below the bust had dropped at least an inch by the end of the day, and the fit is much more relaxed. I don’t hate it, it’s just something to be aware of when you knit with linen.

The Cosmo Cardigan goaded me into nearly completing the yoke in about a week. I’m slowing down now, and saving this project for when I need a break from all the lace and fingering weight yarn.

The Red Edge details make all the difference. Left, see the unfinished edge at the top of the button band? That bugged me. Right, nobody will ever notice this edging but me, and it’s still worth doing.

I just love this project. Never gonna give it up. Never gonna let it down.

Knit to this: Tonia and I have been amusing ourselves with these fine podcasts, hosted by Danny Robins, from BBC sounds:

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  1. 7.13.23
    Ellen said:

    This is not a functioning audio file.

    • 7.13.23
      Brenda said:

      All fixed now! Thank you for letting me know.

  2. 7.13.23
    Lisa Santoni Cromar said:

    Bloody hell, Ken! Danny Robbins is my current favorite podcaster. Treat yourself to Witch Farm, & Haunting (also his). 🤗

  3. 10.17.23
    Linda Hardin said:

    Brenda – haven’t heard from you since July! Hoping you are alright. Even a teeny post or comment would help all us worriers out here.

    • 10.18.23
      Brenda said:

      Hi Linda, No worries. All is well. We finally moved house! I’ll tell you all about it in the next podcast, which will drop tomorrow for Patrons, and next week for everyone.