142 Working the Ropeline

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Halmstad, my knitsibs. This sweater architecture UNVENTION that changes all things stranded.

Our back-of-the-packet recipe for snow day soup is Kowalski’s Turkey and Wild Rice. (It’s just as tasty with chicken, I promise. You can also substitute mushrooms for meat, and it’s still delicious.)

Looking at the above images, it’s clear that my original yarn choices for Ropedance were tonally off. The short-row garter ridges, knit in turquoise (Triskelion Amaethon, in Marakesh), seem to pop, but they practically disappear against the Skein sock yarn in the monochrome image. This is because both yarns are quite close in colour value. The skein at right would have been the better choice for colour A. Notice how it reads as the darkest value in the mono image. (It’s better than the original, but I still think I could go darker with colour A.)

Here I’m trying out a new Colour B (Malabrigo, in Lettuce) to replace the Triskilion yarn. Both yarns are so vibrant that it’s hard to compare their true value. In mono, it’s easy to see that the hot green reads as lighter than the hot turquoise. This is because the green reflects more light than the turquoise yarn. Malabrigo would be a better choice for Colour B.

Isn’t colour theory fun!

You’ll find Ropedance on Ravelry, and you can check out my project notes for Ropedance 1 (before I frog it) and Ropedance 2 (in progress).

The technique for carrying the yarn up the back of the work is from LeethalKnits.

The colour choices for Ropedance

The online courses I’ve taken so far this year are:

Knitsonik: Bullet Journalling, with Felicity Ford, Architectural Sketching in Watercolour and Ink, with Alex Hillkurtz, and Learn to Edit Your Own Podcast, with Tanner Campbell (Registration for the latter requires an account with appsumo.com, and the course is totally worth that extra step).

Also, I’m still in learning mode and actively looking for the next thing, so I’d be grateful for your suggestions.

Need a housedress fix? Who doesn’t! Check out these beauties of yesteryear from the Nellie Don gallery. The scanned images from the Nelly Don design book begin at the bottom of gallery page 2. (Huge thanks to Cheryl for pointing me in their general direction.)

The Kristy Glass video is here. (And I nearly just typed Hall instead of Glass, AGAIN. What is wrong with me.)

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  1. 2.6.21
    Kathryn Gearheard said:

    Catching up comments because it’s pouring in Portland and I’m binging Cast On (again) and knitting another dog sweater for my sweet little Maltese named Stash. Stash had to have emergency back surgery last week. She will walk again..she’s only 2..but it was a bad week for us both. Now she needs something fashionable to hide the incision.

    I remember when you guys got Truman when he was a wee one. How time flies. Rachel Maddox said if she could have one wish it would be that dogs live as long as we do. Bless her heart for so many reasons.

    Anyway, I just had to go eat a Graham cracker because there is not a digestive biscuit in sight. They are hard enough to find in the US and, like Orangia, they seem to ship the inferior versions over here.

    I don’t know if there are still Naked Lady parties in Portland but for the past few years I have done the Naked Goddess swim in the Willamette. It’s a benefit for the city parks and is the second most fun I have naked.

    I have a New Yorker cartoon perfect for those of us who love weather that keeps us inside. Don’t know how to attach here so I will email it to you.

    Since you are dying to know my opinion on what a knitter is, here ‘tis. A knitter knits alone so she/he can enjoy the math in her/his head and who knits with friends to enjoy them.

    Back to the binge and the needles…await more comments. I know you will….

  2. 2.10.21
    Prue Hill said:

    Lovely to have you back in my ear, Brenda.

    Sketching classes: Liz Steele’s are great. Start with the Foundations class and work your way through hours of absorption.