144 All this buttoning and unbuttoning*

In this podcast I’m wearing The Big Y, and talking about My Body Model and the very excellent Paperdolls for Grownups class (sketches from which, below, lower left). Top tip: Sign up for their mailing list to find out when the next classes happen.

Laura Bellows

Laura and I talked about these products:

Felted bags, by Noni Designs
Lock Toggles
Shawl Sticks
The Wild Grape Tendril
Cordoba Ring Closures
Shawl Cuffs
Filigree Cuff and Shawl Pin
Runa Clasps
Pedestal Buttons

* The title of this episode is said to hail from an 18th century suicide note, although the anecdote is, apparently, apocryphal. That said, when it comes to garment closures, I can definitely relate. I am officially over the button. At least where knitwear is concerned. Fortunately, JUL Designs offers better and more creative ways to minimize knitwear misbehavior.

Music in this podcast:

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  1. 3.8.21
    Kathleen Rogers said:

    Hi, Brenda

    Just had the pleasure of watching the replay of the video with Laura Bellows. Although I have a couple of Jul pieces I have used, I do have some of the “buttons” which never seemed to come out of hiding.

    Her many brilliant ideas were inspiring and I ran in to the closet to grab some shawls to experiment. The idea of turning the shawls upside down was amazing, and her overall approach works with crocheted shawls as well. Very often the intricate stitches are just lost in the bib approach or if thrown over the shoulders with the point facing butt center it can make one feel like Whistler’s Mother. (And I can say that since I am actually almost as old as Whistler’s Mother.)

    So glad you are back to podcasting, and the video bits are an incredible bonus.