160 Pockets and sedition

Unmade makes are calling; does it really matter if you’re off by a couple of stitches; trousers, again, of course; the stories clothing tells us; and the start of a new series.

The Ruki Socks are done. If I hadn’t told you about the extra stitches, would you have noticed?

A cover image of How to Make Sewing Patterns, by Don McCunn.

In my experience, the best book to combine pattern drafting from body measurements (as opposed to industry standards), and pattern block fitting is How to Make Sewing Patterns, by Don McCunn.

On the other hand, PatternLab.London a service that creates pattern blocks based on your measurements, and teaches you how to use vector-based programs (like Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Design, or the free, and open source, Inkscape) is certainly worth a look.

I’ll be comparing the results from PatternLab with my hand drafted blocks to see how close they are. Watch this space!

For inspiring courage, and fierceness; check out #DoNotTouchMyClothes

Huge thanks this week to professional storyteller, and longtime friend of Cast On, Sage Tyrtle. Sage has been teaching workshops for the past ten years, helping her students tell resonant, strong, effective stories. Her stories have been featured on NPR, CBC, and PBS. She’s a Moth GrandSLAM winner.

The new knitty is out! Always a time of rejoicing. I’m the hand model in Spot On. I’m already picking out Caviar and Chalk yarn (from my palette, of course) for a David Rose-inspired Lightning.

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