176 A skill to fall back on

In this episode I’m taking the valley with me, trying to knit grey yarn at dusk, committed to life-long learning, and enjoying Dracula, daily.

This week the bra I planned to (eventually) wear with Against All Odds has gone from inspiration and a loose collection of materials, to an actual thing. I’m calling it the Oak Tree bra.

Syncopation socks have a toe. Unexciting, to be sure, but I’m ready for something less exciting than trying to knit with charcoal yarn at dusk. Experienced sock knitters will want to skip the pattern, which is written as row-by-row directions. Instead, simply plug the following stitch pattern into your favourite sock recipe:

Syncopation Stitch (worked over multiples of 4)

Rounds 1-6: K3, P1
Rounds 7-12: K1 then (P1, K3) until last 3 stitches then P1, K2. 

Hat tip to Raveler sjfisch!

There are any number of free apps and websites that will help you learn to touch type. I’m using Typist, which I love and loathe in equal measure. Yes, it’s boring. And I’m glad I’m doing it.

Jonathan Harker has gone strangely silent this past week, making this a great time to sign up and catch up with Dracula Daily. There is still time to get in on this. It’s great fun.

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  1. 6.21.22
    Nancy Royston said:

    I love that you make your own bras and of course they need to match your outfits! Why the hell not??? Speaking of sock knitting… what pattern would you recommend for first time sock knitting? I also took typing in high school…. Although i took to it. I actually met my x-husband in my typing class… perhaps I should have been typing F F F U! I do think your dad is smiling down on you as you are typing!!

  2. 6.25.22
    Ellis-Lynn said:

    My high school suggested that we learn to type so that we could type our essays in university and get higher marks. There was no credit or regular classes. You just showed up when you had time and worked on it. Although no one taught me to address an envelope or type a business letter they did teach me how to type footnotes and a bibliography. Brilliant!