149 I knit, and I know things.

Brenda’s Top Tips for Self-care:

French Green Clay

This moisturizer from The Ordinary

Any pink lipstick can be renamed Your Crazy Grandma, and is much better for it.

Find the Time Out Tags by gayle.palmeiri on Instagram. I love them. And my Painful Paint Pan socks are now in time out, because they have vexed me.

An embarrassment of riches arrived this week.

Triskelion Yarn for the Grærup Slipover
This amazing, if boringly named “Irene”, Fino palette by Manos del Uraguay

The Spring issue of Threads is a good one.

Male Pattern Boldness is a great sewing blog.

Prepare yourself for selected highlights from Jane Asher’s Fancy Dress, none of which were inspired by a week-long cocaine binge.

Sandwich Man Needs Therapy
Carrot Guy is Not Drunk, Thank You For Asking
“Mature” Butterfly Knows Not Where He Is
Joanna Lumley, is the Knickerbocker Glory Questioning Her Life Choices and Her Friendship With Jane Asher
Not at all disturbing. Why do you ask?

Deconstruction of the Red Edge has commenced. As it happens, I did take pics of the sweater, pre-deconstruction, just not of me wearing it.

Find details about the My Body Model 3×3 Spring Capsule Challenge.

Listen to the Square Peg Podcast.

Music in this podcast:

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I’m a serial maker of podcasts, and many things that are not podcasts. I love playing with yarn, fibre and cloth. I will never accept that furniture in my living room only goes two ways. Almost every night, I dream about houses.


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  1. 4.22.21
    Myrna Dean said:

    If readers want to check out Jane Asher’s Fancy Dress, it is available in The Internet Library:

    • 4.22.21
      Brenda said:

      Really helpful, Myrna. Thanks so much!

  2. 7.6.21
    Sally said:

    I still have my copy of Jane Asher’s Costume Book that I got in the 1980’s, it has provided much inspiration for fancy dress outfits through the years. I didn’t realise that it was so sort after. I think the ginger carrot bloke is her brother.