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The Red Edge

Winter clothes move to off-season storage, and spring clothing moves in; bricolage informs the deconstruction of the Red Edge; and an interview with My Body Model founder, Erica Schmitz. The weather continues charming.

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Knitsibs interested in delving further into Jane Asher’s Fancy Dress will find the book on the Internet Archive. (Hat tip to #drivebylibrarian!)

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A view from Paxton's Tower across the rolling hills of Wales, with a Colour Affection Shawl draped on a gate, in the foreground.

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  1. 4.27.21
    Su1282 said:

    Hi Brenda, longtime listener here and I’m so glad you’re back! I heard your podcast this weekend re. remodeling your cardigan. I recommend you look up BillJones on Ravelry (yes that’s his Rav name). He is a textile professional and is a big proponent of cutting up your knitting, treating it like any other fabric. I believe he’d give you great advice and encouragement for fixing your armholes. Good luck!

    • 4.28.21
      Brenda said:

      Very helpful. Many thanks!

  2. 5.6.21
    Nancy Woodhouse said:

    Hi! What are you doing with the Red Edge? I have Red Edge pullover I made fir my husband. He has never worn it. I am going to deconstruct it and make it into a cardigan for me. Are you downsizing it or turning it into a cardigan?

    • 5.7.21
      Brenda said:

      Hi Nancy! I’m altering my Red Edge for better fit. It was originally knit flat, with two fronts, a back and two sleeves that I seamed together. This was, frankly, an insane way to knit this garment, and if I were knitting it again I’d work the body in the round, with steeks at the front and armholes.

      What I really want is to narrow the shoulders of the garment, as they’re too wide for my body. So I’m exploring different ways that I might cut the shoulders back by about an inch, effectively treating them as steeks. I’m also lengthening the body in the back, swapping the zipper for a button band, and narrowing the sleeves.

      Based on what I’ve done so far, I think you can definitely cut your Red Edge down the center, and turn it into a cardigan. There is so much going on with the pattern in this sweater that cutting it up the center won’t be noticeable. Just decide which stitches in the center are going to be your new steek stitches, reinforce the edges of the new front on either side, and cut.

      Good luck! And let me know how it turns out.