169 Fish emerge from the ice

My office gets a makeover. Painting all the things. Holiday on the good ship Covid. Rest, and being stingy with it. Wintering.

This is the video I watched about Long Covid. The channel has lots more info.

The lovely prose by Katherine May was from, Wintering – the power of rest and retreat in difficult times

Reading about knitting, I discovered, is almost as good as doing it. Susan Gordon Lydon’s, The Knitting Sutra, is a perfect companion when you can’t knit.

My post-convalescence projects included LumberJack, by Tin Can Knits, and Lilly’s Skyskrapa sweater. Owing to Covid Brain, I did not Ravel these.

I completed my second pair of Funky Grandpa socks while waiting for the power to come back during storm Eunice. In addition to the new heel, I also used a new construction for the first time. More on that subject in the fullness of time.

I also finished a pretty good pair of mittens, and cast on Paint Pan, (yes, again, shut up). All of which I will tell you about next week.

In the house:

There is a light …
… at the end of the tunnel.

If Japan’s 72 seasons are as fascinating to you as they are to me, you will love East Wind Melts the Ice, by Liza Dalby. You can read more about Japan’s 72 Micro seasons here.

Do check out Check Your Thread, an independent podcast about sustainable sewing.

My sock pattern, Tintern Abbey contains a tutorial for the Sherman toe, my long-time favourite short row method for toes and heels.

Music in this episode:

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I’m a serial maker of podcasts, and many things that are not podcasts. I love playing with yarn, fibre and cloth. I will never accept that furniture in my living room only goes two ways. Almost every night, I dream about houses.


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  1. 2.22.22

    Dear Brenda,
    I was sorry to hear you had Covid. I’m so glad you are better and it was WONDERFUL to hear your voice this Saturday! What a treat!
    Having listened to all your current podcasts and having enjoyed them so much, I have started on your earlier ones. The sweater segment is my absolute favorite! I don’t think of accomplished knitters having projects with problems. However the fact that you have run into a few problems somehow made me feel better about mine. I think the thing that has helped me the most is your acknowledgment of making things as a valuable way to spend your time. As a result of thinking about this I spent hours this weekend starting my Nightshift Shawl from Drea Renee Knits instead of cleaning the garage. I enjoyed it so much and was basically guilt free! THANK YOU!
    I hope your new neighborhood envelopes you like a cozy sweater. You and your voice are a delight!
    Love, Shelley Svendsen