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The eye of the storm has moved. Possibly. And there are many things about which to celebrate. But not knitting. Worst knitting month ever, at the end of which I learn valuable lessons from Jeny Staiman. And The Tech Bros are already yesterday’s news. But pick up your pointy sticks, just in case.

We’re moving to Burry Port!

The bunny mitten pattern, is fine. Many people have successfully knit mittens using this pattern. I am not in their number. Jail for mitten, for one thousand years.

Sewing happened!

Happily, I am not encountering any difficulty with the Dahlia Barn Solo cardigan for Lilly. (There is a small mistake on row 8 of the chart. See my project notes for details.) The yarn is Scheepjes Riverwashed 80% cotton/20% acrylic. I’m not revelling in the feel of the acrylic, but I think it’s a good choice for kid’s wear.

Huge thanks to Jeny Staiman for the lessons on stretchy cast ons, and for making videos to help me understand.

The video for Janel Laidman’s Slip Knot cast on is here.

If you’d like to know more about controlling the amount of twist during a long tail cast on, Jeny’s video about that is here. It’s a super easy change of direction on the yarn loop over your thumb.

Jeny’s method for the German Twisted cast on is what I settled on for the cuff of the mittens that are now in JAIL. FOR ONE THOUSAND YEARS.

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  1. 4.11.22
    becka said:

    I really like tillybuddy’s stretchy cast on for ribbing. only cast on I use for ribbed cuffs and hems