183 Yesteryear

In this episode: Cosy-testing, for science; taking bivalents for the team; and rail journeys from the not-too-distant past.

I could write a sonnet about my hot stones, and I just might, someday. I bought this set of eight stones on Amazon. I really only use the smallest three, shown below. The massage wax is here. Caveat: The stones can get very hot! That is their purpose after all. Use common sense when working with them.

It is easier to resolve things when they are small.

Lao Tzu

Two hotties, both alike in dignity. Mine is on the left, ravelled here; Katie’s, in Sirdar Colourwheel) in the centre; on the right, the relative size differential. I used oddments of wool, while Katie knit with bits of a sirdar Colourwheel. (Looks like she might have used colour 208, for those interested.)

The burning question: Why does the 80/20 acrylic/wool blend cosy hold heat in the bottle longer than cosy knit in 100% wool?

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I’m a serial maker of podcasts, and many things that are not podcasts. I love playing with yarn, fibre and cloth. I will never accept that furniture in my living room only goes two ways. Almost every night, I dream about houses.


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