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In this episode: Science! Tiny sweaters. Little stockings. Charming wee hats. Stars. Rockin rolags. Colours! Floors that go squelch. Wait, that isn’t supposed to happen. 

FYI: There’s nothing wrong with your ears. There was a mic incident during the recording, and I could not face do-overs. Pretend we’re on the phone, and I’m doing all the talking.

Buy this book if knitting hurts you!

The resale app I love is called Vinted, available on Apple and Google.

Clockwise from left: Tiny Sweaters by Miriam Felton, and Cheers by Cheryl Niamath are knit in fingering. Tiny Sweaters, by Malia Mae Joseph, is worked in DK. Susan B Anderson’s version of Tiny Sweaters calls for worsted.

From left: Mini Christmas Stocking, by Julie Williams and the amazing Advent Calendar based on Julie’s pattern, and knit by raveler oharethey.

Left: Fellview Fibres rolags, soon-to-be sample skeins. Right: Sample skeins, soon-to-be Scintillation stars!

I’m working on the Twelve Days of Christmas Ornaments by Mmm Crafts. I’m making mine in a bit of a production line to beat the holiday postal crush. Embroidery and stitching up are the first phase. When they’re all embroidered and sewn I’ll add HotFix crystals for a bit of sparkle. (The tiny dots are not eyes! they mark the placement of future crystals.) Then I’ll stuff and add the hanging loops. I’ve two weeks to finish. Wish me luck!

Have a look for #twelvedaysornaments on Instagram for some fun inspiration.

Blue and turquoise sea-themed batik fabric, turquoise cotton canvas, navy blue strapping and grey buckles.

I’m not sure there will be time leftover to make a sea-themed Child’s Backpack for my littlest marine biologist. All materials are on hand, however, which is half the battle. But if I’m late with this gift, then I’m late. The nice thing about toddlers is that presents can happen any time.

I Love Hue Too. Get it. Play it. Love it.

The X in the lower right image shows the starting point for my colour play. Vertical diamond shapes were advanced to the next diamond shape, counter-clockwise around the puzzle.

Music in this episode:

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  1. 11.15.22
    Lisa Short said:

    Arne & Carlos have some knit can Christmas ball ornaments in regular and mini sizes

    • 11.15.22
      Brenda said:

      Thank you, Lisa! Excellent resource.

  2. 11.21.22
    Claire Graham-Smith said:

    Super fun app game. Never done any but this is compelling. Except for the commercials ! Yuck

  3. 11.24.22
    Carrie Ellis said:

    Tiny sweaters are lovely. Tiny wooden spoons would be too.

  4. 1.10.23
    Sara Blasingame said:

    I don’t know how to knit. I wish I did though.