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The art of getting very, very close to knitting, whilst remaining emotionally aloof and at arm’s length; I bought yarn; the latest amazing design from the mind of Jeny Staiman; and someone saved my life tonight.

The yarn below came from Etsy sellers Pixie Yarns and Skein and the Stitch. Both shops are on holiday right now, but give them some love and do check back in the New Year. Kremke Soul Wool Lazy Lion Sock Yarn in colourway Venetian Glass! My photos do not do this yarn justice.

Sock yarn with biodegradable nylon is a thing, and surprisingly affordable. I bought some.

Soliton Wave, cleverly styled with pedestal buttons from Jul Designs. Photo by Tonia Clarke.

Knit Soliton Wave, by Jeny Staiman. And you might also check out Tachyon, the sock that started Jeny’s deep dive into vertical stranding.

Jeny and I also talked about Stitch Maps, and our collaborative sock pattern, River Severn. You can see an example of Jeny’s alternative format to row by row directions at Curious Knitter, and she demonstrates her crochet chain method here.

The app I use to measure my variable heart rate is called Welltory. Dumb name. Good app. I’ve also been finding Breathing Zone quite useful. (Apple/Android)

If you’re in need of solace this deep midwinter, I hope you’ll follow Emma Mitchell’s lead and look for it in nature. (Emma Gannon is also a good writer, but I meant to reference Emma Mitchell’s book in the podcast. I follow them both on Twitter.)

The Wild Remedy, by Emma Mitchell

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  1. 1.10.23
    Sara Blasingame said:

    I love all the colors.They are beautiful.

  2. 1.12.23
    Janelle said:

    Speaking of knitting-adjacent… a surprise family trip will be bringing me to North Wales this summer. I would love recommendations on Must See fiber-related stuff… mills, museums, shops, whatever… if you have a list in mind!

    • 1.13.23
      Brenda said:

      I’ve only been through North Wales, never stayed there, so I’m afraid I can’t tell you much about the area. It might be a good idea to have a page on the blog for people visiting Wales, so I’ll put that thought out there in the next podcast and see if I can’t come up with cool things to see and do all over this beautiful country.

  3. 1.25.23
    Patsy said:

    Several weeks ago I found you again. I listened to you 10+ years ago and somehow between my life changing and tech changes I lost track of you. I love your podcasts, whether you are talking about sweaters, yarn, bras, or a new sock heel.
    Now it has been 5 weeks since your last podcast. I hope you are OK. There are a lot of people around the world that are in your corner sending positive thoughts. We hope you are well and return soon, but no pressure, come back when you can.