189 I want to do it like this

In this episode: Bias binding; finished objects; crafting chaos; plum blossoms; works in progress; and palette decisions.

The level of craft chaos was high this week, but…

Lilly’s retro-vibe pinnies are finished! Several knitsibs have expressed an interest in an adult-sized version. I’m still looking, but if you know of something similar, drop a comment, please.

The pattern is Bias Trimmed Apron from Little Things to Sew, by Oliver & S, in lightweight linen fabric with bias binding in designer fabrics purchased from this UK eBay seller. Plum blossom is just about the loveliest name for a magnetic closure (top, centre) ever.

The Sock is not at a very interesting place, but you can see a bit of a progress in this WIP. The yarn is Coop Knits, Socks, Yeah! in the colour Labrodorite, and it actually reads more dull green than grey. I am happy with my decision to drop the reverse stockinette, and to make the diamond shapes both wider and taller. Progress will be slow.

There was also quite a bit of yarny goodness in the arrival of the darks for my Magic Circles Afghan palette (lower right corner of the left image). The interspersed cakes are handspun and/or variagated, and I think they might be too dull, chromatically speaking. The basket of clear bright colours is calling to me, and I can’t wait to begin. Yes, I’m using 100% wool, and the blanket will be designated for HUMANS ONLY. I may have to post a sign.

Lastly, Gene Marshall is a rabbit hole. You have been warned.

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  1. 3.21.23
    Kathryn Gearheard said:

    I owned TWO Gene Marshals during my doll fetish. You have been warned.

  2. 3.23.23
    Kelly said:

    I had to buy Bear Jackson, My Way and add it to my workout playlist! It is a really fun song.

  3. 3.29.23
    stacy klaus said:

    rabbit hole? You couldn’t warn us about the Little “Things to Sew” rabbit hole??? OMG – it should come with a warning: Grandmothers DO NOT ENTER! Already bought the messenger bag pattern AND Barbie fabric from Spoonflower. I am doomed.

    • 3.30.23
      Brenda said:

      Stacy, IKR!? That book should really come with a warning label. thanks for reminding me that you can buy the individual patterns on the Olive + Co website! I’ll be sure to pass that along.

  4. 4.9.23
    Vicki Elster said:

    My friend, Maribeth Regnier designs and knits stylish outfits for Barbie dolls. She makes up backstories for each one. She has over 200 dolls! She uses size 00000 needles on most of the clothing. She has brought them to our knitting guild twice and people are dumbstruck. Also, they’ve been exhibited in several libraries. I wish I could attach a photo here.