After talking about the mitts at such great length in last week’s podcast, I’m thrilled to release Kvetching, the fingerless mitts pattern created with Jeny Staiman, to Cast On Patrons.

Kvetching fingerless mitts are a pattern mash-up of two great knitty.com designs by two wonderful designers: Fetching, by Cheryl Niamath, and Knucks, by Pam Grossman. Both of these patterns debuted in knitty.com in the summer of 2006. Like Fetching, Kvetching features an elegant cabled cuff, a ribbed hand and a sweet cabled detail at the fingertips. Like Knucks, the mitts are worked from fingers to cuff, and feature a provisionally cast on thumb gusset.

To complete the design, we hid a purl column inside the cables at the fingertips and wrist to help control flare, and we devised a foolproof method for closing holes at the sides of the thumb gusset. Like their inspirations, Kvetching mitts are quick to knit, make great gifts, and provide an excellent introduction to working simple cables and provisional stitches.

Best of all, Kvetching will be free to all in about a month.

Sincere thanks and admiration to Cheryl Niamath and Pam Grossman for your creative minds and generous spirits.


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  1. 3.30.23
    Audrey S Bernhardt said:

    Having knit many fetching mitts, I am looking forward to trying this pattern as you seem to have addressed the one negative of the pattern, the rolling. Thank you, Brenda and Jeny.

  2. 4.7.23
    Kristin Sykes-David said:

    I just found your brilliant podcast! Thank you !
    The latest podcast #188, I believe, had a glorious acoustic guitar song at the end. I tried to find it in many ways, but was unable to. Would you share the artist, etc., please?

    • 4.8.23
      Brenda said:

      Hi Kristen, Thanks for your comment. I think the track you’re looking for is Winding Road by Robert Shirey Kelly, All music used on the podcast is listed at the bottom of each post.