190 Talisman

In this episode: The style goddess; I Can Make Shoes; the button makes the knitwear (I have always said this); a return to form; Esther; and The Talisman.

Kvetching is now free to all! You’ll find it on Ravelry or on Jeny Staiman’s Payhip.

I wish I had thought to save the image of my style goddess to share with you. Alas.

The Stitching show was fun, if a bit short on yarn. Next year, I’m going to Wonderwool.

That said, I am pretty happy with this button. (Left: new button; right: with the incorrect button it replaced.

I Can Make Shoes, and so can you. Check them out.

Things wot I’ll be doing this weekend instead of watching the Coronation: SWATCHING! (Left: The Talisman Jacket and the yarn I bought for embroidery; centre: I found a white marker that works on dark fabric! Like Frixion ink, it disappears with heat; right: the worst of the damage on the collar of the jacket.)

Pics of yarn are not really very interesting. But this will be Esther, someday. I’m swatching this too.

And there will be some awesome sewing to talk about next time, as we try to avoid watching an old man receive a very expensive hat, made with stolen gems. Thankfully, this is easier to do in Wales than nearly anywhere else.

Music in this episode:

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I’m a serial maker of podcasts, and many things that are not podcasts. I love playing with yarn, fibre and cloth. I will never accept that furniture in my living room only goes two ways. Almost every night, I dream about houses.


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  1. 5.10.23
    M. Kim G. said:

    Love your podcasts, Brenda! Listened to this last one and what I keep wondering – this capsule wardrobe idea and knitting just what you need (due to limited storage, etc.) and when you’ve done that, then what? no more knitting?! I’m stuck in the – but I don’t really need anything mode. Struggling to give myself “permission” to knit something else…just for the pleasure the process gives me or due to a “class” which I don’t really need but take them for the socialization.

    • 5.11.23
      Brenda said:

      What a great question, Kim! Thank you for asking. Short reply: No way will I ever stop knitting! Full reply in the very next podcast.

  2. 5.13.23
    Carol Bateman said:

    Hi Brenda, I’m feeling so pleased because I’ve found your podcasts again!
    Way back I enjoyed your walks in the woods and didn’t you go once round the Town . Such fun!
    Every now and again I’ve looked to see if anything was happening behind the curtain but I admit not for a long time . So how did I rediscover you…..I put into Goggle “Brenda who knits in Wales” and you came up immediately, top of the list.
    So I’m off listen to episode 133…..
    Kind regards

  3. 5.16.23
    Eugene Diokno said:

    I have been enjoying your podcast and I want to thank you for the suggestion of the Typist app that I have been using. It has helped me tremendously in my computers skills at work. I found you through knitting, as I “scrolled” thru knitting podcasts, as one does. Then you were a Patty Lyon’s guest in her you-tube channel. I started following you more consistently cuz if it’s good enough for Patty, it’s good enough for me :). Your blog is a great supplement to make the podcast more visual. But the real icing on the cake is the music accompaniment. Do you have a playlist collection of sorts for the songs you have used? I would love to listen to a Cast On playlist while I make (yes, aside from knitting, I sew garments, sew bags, getting back to Baltimore Album Quilt hand applique- google it- it’s amazing). Well thank you again for your podcast! And hope all is well at Casa del Cast On.
    From one of your knit-sibs

  4. 5.25.23
    Bronwyn Beattie said:

    I just discovered your wonderful podcast! Did you follow a guideline to do your capsule wardrobe? Any recommendations on how to start ?

    • 5.25.23
      Brenda said:

      Hi Browyn! I’m glad you found the podcast. Thanks for listening.

      I don’t follow much of a guideline, but I have come up with a few exercises that have helped me through the process. Your comment is a good reminder to talk about them again in the next podcast.