Square One


194 What I did last summer

In this episode: Undone by Cosmo/Cosmo undone; colour blocking that didn’t; a summer romance; a bounty of beautiful sock yarn; packing projects for a journey with no end date; and…

192 The dam busters

In this episode: The Great Airing of the Stash 2023; hibernating projects emerge, blinking, into the light; revisiting Paint Pan; Against all Odds’ and the Red Edge, plus a veritable…

190 Talisman

In this episode: The style goddess; I Can Make Shoes; the button makes the knitwear (I have always said this); a return to form; Esther; and The Talisman. Kvetching is…

188 The Road Trip

In this episode: Flat socks, knit purl patterns, iteration, procrastination, and Kvetching. This week’s quest is to design some socks that are plain, but not boring to knit. I know.…

186 Square One

Falling down, playing in the knitting adjacent zone, beginnings, One Block Wonders, over under over under over under, and a new series! I bought this loom kit by Fibercraft because…


I’m a serial maker of podcasts, and many things that are not podcasts. I love playing with yarn, fibre and cloth. I will never accept that furniture in my living room only goes two ways. Almost every night, I dream about houses.


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